• Natural cleaning products & locally produced soaps 

  • Sunlight for drying clothes 

  • Energy saving & LED light bulbs throughout the property

  • We change the towels only when guests request or every 3rd day.

  • We Recycle, Reuse & Compost


  • Local sustainable timbers & materials featured. i.e. bamboo, recycled boat timber Farm grown &    Recycled timber

  • Local limestone rock for walls

  • Sustainable building techniques by local builders only

  • Locally made Terracotta natural floor tiles

  • Grass roof thatching 

  • Solar passive design- No A/C fans only

  • Interior finishing, using Natural Tung oil

  • Low visual impact on the coastline


  • Fruits are  harvested from our organic gardens where possible

  • We focus on local Balinese Traditional dishes

  • Herbs & spices come from our organic garden to make fresh meals, teas & sauces

  • No MSG in our meals

  • We buy our produce & meats locally 

  • We use locally grown coffee, palm sugar & coconuts

  • No plastic straws

  • Limited imported products


  • Funding for the community coral reef regeneration project & bamboo pontoon

  • Scuba Certification for 3 community members

  • local staff only - trained onsite


  • Integrated pest management

  • Natural pest control using non toxic sprays